6 Ways to Reduce the Ill Effects of Alcohol

  • 15 October, 2019

Alcohol consumption has a long-associated history with civilization and has played a pivotal role in evolution of arts and culture around the world. Modern-day alcohol consumption is multi-faceted and is consumed for various reasons. While it has been a part of the daily diet in several European cuisines; for some, it’s purely a medium of pleasure, enjoyment & distraction. Few people have it as a prescribed drug for health reasons; while some demonstrate cordial mannerism by consuming alcohol under a social set-up. The reasons can vary basis various societal & demographic factors, but the bottom-line is that it has an enormous presence in our society and over-consumption has far-reaching health & behavioral hazards. Let us understand these dimensions & few remedies on hand.

These are a few ways to combat the ill effects of Alcohol:

1. Know Your Drink

Make sure you are completely aware of the kind of drink you are going to consume. Depending upon your age, weight & experience, make sure you stick to a drink which has alcohol content within the limits.

2. Include Food & Water During Drinking Sessions

This is a classic technique to manage sudden & uncontrollable effect of alcohol in your body. Never keep consuming alcohol with an empty stomach as without any food in the stomach, alcohol reaches the small intestine faster, where most of it is absorbed in blood. Plenty of water & food will always keep you in a safe zone.

3. Counting is the Key

Keep a close tab upon the count of your drinks. It is always advisable to stick to a definite average quantity to stay under control. Avoid top-ups & always fill an empty glass to have a clear idea.

4. Make good use of Alcohol-Free Drinks

You can always switch & merge drinks which are either low on alcohol percentage or doesn’t have any alcohol. Also, try to increase the duration of consumption like just one drink per hour & stay within your comfortable boundaries.

5. Ditch Games & Shots

When people meet & have a firm resolve to enjoy, things can become highly mischievous. All you have to do is stay away from drinking games & shots to avoid excessive intoxication.

6. Anti-hangover Medicines

You can procure the anti-hangover medicines to guard yourself against the dreaded hangover. These medicines are available in a herbal form which ensures no side effects post-consumption. Using such medicine will give you the stamina to make full use of the following day fruitfully.


Alcohol consumption is indeed a negative facet when it starts affecting a person's health, family and society. However, we should accept the deep rooted presence of the same & identify ways to keep tab on the consumption. Using herbal medicine is a good way to keep liver healthy and fight a hangover.